Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Joanne's trip to Voice

Last month I was kindly invited to visit the Voice furniture factory in Sweden to learn more about their new products and manufacturing processes.
Voice is one of Sweden’s leading producers of contemporary furniture. The company is situated in Jönköping, one of the most expanding cities in the south of Sweden and an area which is home to a large number of Swedish furniture manufacturers; the result is a wealth of skill in a relatively small area.
We stayed in the Royal Corner Hotel in Vaxjo which is currently undergoing a significant refurbishment using Voice furniture in all of the bedrooms which looked fantastic and made for a very comfortable stay.
The trip was educational and inspiring and one of the most important things I took away was just how flexible Voice are; always prepared to get into dialogue with their clients to come up with the perfect solution. We were also introduced to the ever growing ‘Arctic’collection – a very sleek family of storage units available in endless combinations of wall hung or floor standing units.
Voice were great hosts and the two day trip concluded with a trip to an ice hockey game – something everyone from Jönköping is passionate about, especially at the moment as their home team ‘HV71’ are top of the Swedish league!

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