Saturday, 20 March 2010

Quartermile Azurean Q5

We have recently furnished the new 2 bedroomed Azurean Q5 showflat for Quartermile

Using a variety of suppliers including a new supplier, Zeitraum, we have created a spectacular space. 

We used Zeitraum for the bed and storage units and I'm sure you'll agree the bookcase in the sitting room is striking. 

The sofas and chairs are from B&B Italia and the unusual light next to the sofa is part of the new Diesel range coming from Foscarini

The dining table is from Lammhults and we used another Italian company MDF Italia for the Flow chairs to compliment it.  

Another amazing light is Ingo Maurer's Aikaduli shown in the bedroom.  

This is just a very small sample of the look we can create and with our experienced design staff we are always able to create that special look.

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